Pop/Dance Artist.

Saxplayer. Singer. Performer. Songwriter.


Peter Sax, a passionated artist and performer based in Austria, enters the international stage. By combining his rock-oriented voice and his talent as a powerful saxophone player he brings live performance to another level.


His songs and his album Evolution have been released in major territories: from Austria to Canada, India, France, Spain, Sweden, Germany and many more - growing his community and fan base. His music videos already got more than 3.5 million views on YouTube.


Since he was a child he was playing music. Beside studying Biotechnology, finishing it and having an ongoing career at one of the world's leading pharmaceutical company, his lov for making music never stopped. In 2011 he finally quit his job to dedicate his life fully to music.


Right now Peter Sax is ready to tour throughout the world to share his music, sound, performance and love to show the audience a different way of enjoying music.







optional: + DJ (warm up & after show)

optional: + FEMALE DANCERS

optional: + LIVE DRUMMER

optional: + FULL BAND (drums, bass, guitar, female singer)


including GIVEAWAYS for the audience



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