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Peter Sax is not just your ordinary musician; he's a saxophonist extraordinaire and talented singer whose soulful melodies have captivated audiences around the globe. With a career that spans continents and genres, Peter has left an indelible mark on the music scene, enchanting listeners from F1 Abu Dhabi to the sandy shores of Palma Beach Mallorca, where he reigns as a brand ambassador.


Born with a passion for music pulsing through his veins, Peter's journey began in Austria, where he honed his craft before taking the world stage by storm. His performances have graced iconic venues in Europe, UAE, Africa and beyond, earning him acclaim for his electrifying stage presence and unparalleled talent.


But Peter is more than just a performer; he's also a masterful music producer and songwriter, crafting hits that resonate with audiences worldwide. His track "Feel Alive" was handpicked as the global campaign launch song for Mazda 3, setting the tone for an unforgettable driving experience. Meanwhile, "Golden Lights" illuminated the airwaves, showcasing Peter's ability to blend melody and rhythm into pure magic which was used for Mallorca ad campaigns.


Not content to rest on his laurels, Peter embarked on ambitious projects that showcased his versatility and creativity. His 13-part song series, "A Day @ Palma Beach," served as a sonic love letter to Mallorca, capturing the essence of its sun-soaked shores and vibrant culture. Additionally, his contribution to the documentary "Spy Capital" with the theme song "Undercover" demonstrated his ability to evoke emotion and intrigue through music.


One of Peter's most ambitious endeavors was his 12-part song series chronicling the electrifying atmosphere of the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Through his music, he captured the essence of this thrilling event, transporting listeners to the heart of the action with each note.


With a career marked by innovation and passion, Peter Sax continues to push the boundaries of music, inspiring audiences around the world with his electrifying performances and unforgettable melodies. As a brand ambassador for Palma Beach Mallorca, he not only represents a destination but embodies the spirit of music and adventure that defines his artistry.


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