Wed 25.11.2020 

Let's have a chat! (Talk Livestream)

News, infos, updates, exclusive insights, backstage stories, etc.

20:00, Live on FacebookTwitch and YouTube


Fri 11.12.2020 

Single Release: Harmony

Instrumental, reflective saxophone instrumental track

Out in all digital streaming & download stores!


Fri 18.12.2020 

Christmas Party (Music Livestream)

Special stream! Stay tuned for more infos!

20:00, Live on FacebookTwitch and YouTube


Wed 23.12.2020 

Christmas Show (Music Livestream)

Special silent stream with special guests! Stay tuned!

20:00, Live on FacebookTwitch and YouTube


Fri 05.02.2021 

Jammin' Friday (Music Livestream)

Warmup Session then jammin' on selected tracks and your song requests

20:00, click here to join


Mon 15.02.2021 

Carnival Party (Music Livestream)

Let's celebrate carnival together with this party stream!

20:00, click here to join


Sat 20.02.2021 

NÖN sucht das größte Talent - Finale (Livestream)

I'm playing the opening show and will be in the jury 

17:00,  click here to join 

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