Since the first time I went to Mallorca back in 2002, after finishing school, I fell in love with this amazing and beautiful island.


After it I came back several times enjoying holidays on Mallorca, also shooting music videos like Pool Party there because of the unique vibe of the island.


In 2012, I performed for the first time on Mallorca at Linos II. Back then, it wasn't the right time for my kind of music, even if people liked it. But the vibe was very different than it is today.


Since the initiative Palma Beach was born, Playa de Palma has changed a lot. It's transforming into a modern and high quality place to be and enjoy with regard to the Mallorquine identity.


During summer 2019, I was asked to perform at Chalet Siena, a very stylish beach club. Deeply impressed by the cool venue and how the face of the Playa de Palma has changed, the evening was a memorable one. Mood and atmosphere, music and guests - everything matched perfectly. It finally felt like the right time and the right place.


So I'm very proud and honored being part of the exciting journey of Palma Beach now.

As an artist and brand ambassador I'll put all my heart and love for Mallorca into this cooperation. Looking forward to welcome you at Palma Beach!

MUSIC - Tour & Campaign Songs

Official Palma Beach Song

It was an honor that the specially for Palma Beach written song "Golden Lights"

was picked as the official song for the summer campaign 2021! 


Golden Lights

(Life Is Better @ Palma Beach)

Release: 19.03.2021


Oye Como Va

Release: 05.05.2023



Let's Fly

Release: 12.08.2022



Ready for Summer

Release: 27.05.2022



Song Series: A Day @ Palma Beach

Release: 18.06.2021 - 10.09.2021


This release is something very special:

A soundtrack consisting of 13 songs. The different facets of Palma Beach are transferred to sound and shall make you experience the unique vibe of the Playa de Palma. 


01  Morning Sun

02  Vitamin Sea

03  Water Action

04  Underwater

05  Summer Dreamin'

06  Beach Walk

07  La Finca (Poolside Chilling Paradise)

08  Sailing Over The Endless Sea

09  Blaze Of Glory (Golden Hour Sunset Vibes)

10  Sundowner

11  Shake It (Blue Hour Party Starter)

12  Fiesta De La Noche

13  Sunrise Melancholy


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