BOO! (Halloween - The Night of Fright) - Single

Release: 22.10.2021                                            Streaming & Download

Peter Sax Pool Party





Verse 1


Candy candy in the bag,

there’s funny clown and a witchy hag,

Monsters stalking through the night,

It’s Halloween, the night of fright!


Are you sure you are prepared?

You know you aren’t, you know you’re scared!

Now you can’t even walk outside,

It’s full of darkness, at day & night.


I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Who gonna call?

I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Who gonna call?





Verse 2


Ding Dong Ding Dong, it rings the bell,

Trick or treat, chose heaven or hell!

A simple question, you decide,

Better be warned, you are in plight!


Your screams and visions will all align,

Under the moon they will combine,

You feel all hope go floating way,

Leaving you alone, your body starts to decay. 


I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Who gonna call?

I ain’t afraid of no ghost.

Who gonna call?







During a USA road trip in 2016 we went for a visit to Bodie State Historic Park (Ghosttown Bodie). It was on Oct 30th, one day before Halloween.


So the atmosphere was very special and fascinating. It directly catched me. A lot of stuff still was there seeming very alive - houses, personal things, pictures on the wall, school books, etc. It looked like people just left to come back later.


It was a throwback in time, bringing everything back to life in your imagination. Very different feelings came up walking through this historic town, watching through windows, walking into houses and reading stories about this special place. What happened here long time ago? What have been the fears and hopes of people living here?


It inspired me to catch this unique vibe into a Halloween song. We also directly used the scenery for doing some video shots and to conserve the atmosphere in a music video later. On the song in detail I wanted to work when I'm back home in my studio again.


A lot of other stuff happened in between, Halloween was gone, again and again, year after year ... BUT now (2021) there was finally the right time, the right idea and the right inspiration for bringing this experience back to life with a soundtrack.


Happy Halloween and welcome to Bodie Ghosttown!





Written by Peter Sax

Recorded at Music Visions GmbH

Produced by Peter Sax 

Published by Music Visions GmbH 

Released by Music Visions Austria

Musicians: Peter Sax (sax, voc), Oskar Schwingenschlögl (voc), Thomas Hechenberger (guit)



Production by Peter Sax, Katrin Schwingenschlögl



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