EMOTION (Love Sign) - Single

Single Release: 07.12.2015

Peter Sax Pool Party


New Single: »EMOTION (Love Sign)« by Peter Sax


"Close your eyes feel EMOTION" ... It’s something you can’t measure: The moment when music opens the hearts of people and makes them celebrating together. This moment has the power to transform your life, your energy and your spirit. It’s the moment when people become ONE unity.

The magical atmosphere of people celebrating club music is what Peter Sax loves to dive in. Both, the music and the heart beat become one and it defines the powerful vibration of a whole new generation.

Because of these very special moments, Peter wanted to come up with a track dedicated to his love and passion for club music: EMOTION (Love Sign).

For the official video the recording of the LIVE world premiere was chosen.

Feel the magical atmosphere. Feel the huge energy.
It’s pure EMOTION. It’s a LOVE SIGN.






Boom, boom, boom, it’s a new generation,
Boom, boom, boom, feel the powerful vibration,
Boom, boom, boom, close your eyes feel emotion,
Boom, boom, boom, hear the whisper of devotion!


Written by Peter Sax, Bernhard Wittgruber, Christopher Gallien

Produced by Kriss Raize

Published by Music Visions GmbH, Schedler Music, Edition We Are Creative / Roba Publishing


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