Single Release: 22.04.2016

Peter Sax Pool Party


In a world of black and white ... Let's make you feel alive!

After releasing his first international debut album EVOLUTION last year, which was licensed in major territories and featured on many TV music channels, radio stations and major dance compilations, Peter Sax returns with some fresh music. He took some time to develop his sound and worked on different ideas and songs, which will result in the upcoming releases.

The brand new single is about bringing color to your life, about someone who makes you FEEL ALIVE. Peter Sax brought up some talented people on board to collaborate with him, including US songwriter Charlie Mason (Miley Cyrus, Conchita Wurst, China Anne McClain, ...), Austrian songwriter Bernhard Wittgruber (Rene La Taupe, One Un1ted, ...) and French producer Kriss Raize (Pitbull, Wiz Khalifa, ...).

The latest single is coming up also with different song versions like Deep House, Acoustic and Club. In a world of black and white, this song will turn the color on and make you FEEL ALIVE!





Verse 1
In a world of black and white,
You’re a burst of firelight.
You turn the color on
With every break of dawn.
You inspire me to see
Hidden possibilities.
Don’t tell me that it’s wrong.


'Cause you make me feel,
You make feel alive.
You make me, uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh, uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh!
Feel, you make me feel alive.

You make me, uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh, uh-oh uh-oh uh-oh!


Verse 2
When you speak, behind your voice,
Lies a chance to make a choice.
You’re really asking me
What am I meant to be?
In the siren song you sing,
Is the key to everything.
I hear and I believe.


Verse 3
Where you end is where I start,
Like the beat inside a heart.
You turn the sky around,
Until I’m off the ground.
Suddenly I’m braver than
Any mortal Superman.
I stare my shadows down.




Executive producer: Peter Sax, Music Visions GmbH



Written by Peter Sax, Bernhard Wittgruber, Kriss Raize, Charlie Mason

Recorded at Music Visions GmbH studio by Harald Hauser and Peter Sax

Produced by Kriss Raize, Acoustic version by Blumart, Remix by VIVIDA

Published by Music Visions GmbH and Edition We Are Creative

Mastered by Vintage Audio Mastering

A&R and Licensing: Jean Sebastien Permal (seb@musicvisions.at)



Cover pic by Matthias Buchwald

Artwork by Martin Naumann in cooperation with Music Visions GmbH



Produced by Maximilian Pausch (Infinity Network) in cooperation with Music Visions GmbH

Recorded at Musik Paradies Hollabrunn video studio

Actress: Coco Costa (Cocoxocherie)


Special thanks to:

Matthias Buchwald (Shooting Support), Jennifer Pulz (Make Up Artist), Stefan Böckl (Profi-Tool-Center), Helga Schober, Sophie Schober, Rainer Schober, Peter Schlichtinger, Viktor Danzinger (Musik Paradies video studio)



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