IN THE ZONE - Single

Release: 20.11.2020                                           Download & Streaming   

Peter Sax Pool Party





The heat is on,

You‘re dancin‘ all alone,

Just being in the zone,

And shaking to the beat.


So don‘t you stop,

The world is one huge club,

Just put all your hands up,

And feel it in your feet.


Oh-oh-oh, you‘re singin‘,

Oh-oh-oh, you‘re movin‘,

Oh-oh-oh, you‘re shakin‘,

In the zone!


Oh-oh-oh, you‘re singin‘,

Oh-oh-oh, you‘re movin‘,

Oh-oh-oh, you‘re shakin‘.


Turn the volume on,

And shout it all along,

When all the lights are gone,

Let music take control!


Just diving deep inside,

For a wilder ride,

Let the rhythm be your guide,

Come on and free your soul!


Oh-oh-oh, you‘re singing,

Oh-oh-oh, you‘re moving,

Oh-oh-oh, you‘re shaking,

In the zone!


Get up on the dance floor!

Don‘t you stop!

Dig this!






Executive producer:

Oskar Schwingenschlögl, Music Visions GmbH



Written by Peter Sax

Produced by Peter Sax

Recorded at Music Visions Studio

Musicians: Peter Sax (sax, vocals, programming), Thomas Hechenberger (guitar)

Published by Music Visions GmbH



Produced by Peter Sax & Katrin Schwingenschlögl, Music Visions GmbH



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