Release: 03.03.2017

Peter Sax Moments Cover



01. Life's A Journey (Radio Edit)

02. Life's A Journey (Melbourne Bounce Project Remix Edit) 

03. Life's A Journey (P!Crash Remix Edit) 

04. Life's A Journey (Extended Mix)

05. Life's A Journey (Melbourne Bounce Project Remix)

06. Life's A Journey (P!Crash Remix)






Official Video (Radio Edit) 


Melbourne Bounce Project Remix Edit


P!Crash Remix


Ready for Road Trippin'?


500 hours, 3000 miles:

Join Peter Sax on his roadtrip throughout the westcoast of the USA.


This song was born during the journey on the road. Inspired by amazing impressions and fascinating adventures - from neon lights to streets of dust, from West-LA to Yosemite.


It's about thrilling nature and people with different smiles.

Be part of it and feel the vibe!




I’m starting up,

My wild ride,

And putting on my cruising vibe.


Ready to go,

I’m heating up,

I’m gonna do everything I want.


From West LA to Yosemite,

I’m gonna play my melody:

Life’s a journey!


500 hours,

3000 miles,

a thousand people with dfferent smiles.


From neon lights,

To streets of dust,

Sin city full of endless lust.


From West LA to Yosemite,

I’m gonna play my melody:

Life’s a journey!


I’ve seen dreams disappear in the wind,

Felt love crawling underneath my skin,

Seen waves crash and fall back to the sea,

It’s been a long trip for me, a long trip me.


Life's a journey, not a destination,

Life's a journey!

Life's a journey, not a destination,

Life's a journey! 





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Interview and portrait by Querétaro 360 Mexico:


Radio Interview

Interview at "Hollabrunn am Wochenende" on Radio Ypsilon (German) by Florian Graf.

Insights and infos's about the single and questions never been asked before:


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Executive producer 

Music Visions GmbH



Written by Peter Sax, Matthew Tasa, Katrin Schwingenschlögl, Christopher Gallien 

Recorded at Music Visions GmbH

Produced and mixed by Kriss Raize

Mastered by Vintage Audio Mastering

Released by Music Visions Austria

Published by Music Visions GmbH, Minds Of Music, We Are Creative Edition, Sounds of Wolken Edition



Pic and graphic design by Music Visions GmbH



Produced by Music Visions GmbH




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