Release: 09.10.2020                                           Download & Streaming   

Peter Sax Pool Party





Beatz Remix

Release: 13.11.2020



During the shutdown earlier this year I was very often asked, why I’m not doing a „Corona Song“. Tons of songs about this topic where shot through the social medias. I really admired artists, beside all the fun-songs, who already deeply felt the crises so much on the first shutdown weekend, that they directly had to process all they had to go through in a song. #sarcasmoff


I didn’t feel something deep in me, which could have started a musical idea. Then anyway summer arrived and lot of stuff was possible again. A spirit of optimism. Then fall arrived and it started going into the other direction again. The outlook on very silent upcoming months with respect to livemusic and all the slowly arriving effects linked to the sanctions, started generating deeply felt emotions into musical ideas.


It’s a really extraordinary situation we are all in since months. And it seems some more months will be added. All the up’s & down’s of the last months created a kind of soundtrack in several parts: From a slowly appearing infectious disease seeming far away, but then very quick spreading all over the world, suddenly determining our personal life, resulting into a shutdown and a mixture of uncertainly, hope, relaxation, tension, etc. … a wild ride. Up, down, back, forth, dark, bright, hot, cold, … everything included. But watch and feel it by yourself! ;-)


When I chose the release date, I didn’t expect that this would be the last live gigs within the next months (perhaps the one or the other exception). As lot of stuff from March/April is starting to repeat and the Livemusic-Shutdown is becoming a fact for me, the song is titled „One More Time“. The song describes all phases from the beginning until now.


This song shouldn’t contain masks in the video or the C-word in the lyrics … I guess we all are confronted with it at every corner ;-). Instead it’s chosen using fog not really seeing what’s happening and also not feeling fully free. Also hope that is coming back.


Under the amazing guidance of the executive producer, OSKAR, I was repeatedly allowed to work on all the work fields of this song project from the first idea to the final product by myself! I feel honored for all the trust he again was putting me, for doing all the work Including: 


Project Visions, Composition, Words, Arrangement, Sax & Vocal Recording, Audio Production, Labelwork, Publishing, Video Concept, Video Production, Artwork Design, Marketing & Promotion Strategy and everything in-between.


BUT the executive producer didn’t allow me to play the guitars. 

To be honest, I really felt happy about this, as you wouldn’t be able to listen a second to the outcome … so he allowed me to call one special guy to do it, and this guy is a real weapon. That’s a fact! And he did, what he is always doing: He nailed it. This guy’s name is Thomas Hechenberger and his guitar tones are even lighting the match at 2:09. Full respect! Thank you for your amazing work! 


Long story short:

In this times as lot of music will be silent for the next months, here is my „Corona-Song“!

I’m very excited about if and how you like it. It would mean the world to me if you let me know!





Are you discouraged about the current situation? 

No, the world will keep turning. It’s a real chance for a lot of stuff to change.


What will you do the next months? 

Music. A lot of new stuff is on the way! Can’t wait to share it with you guys.


How will you proceed? 

With new focus and ways to go. With the same fun and passion for creative work.




Here we are,

One more time,

And everyone,

Is upside-down.


Feeling are,

Running high,

So here we go,

One, one more time!





Beatz Remix



Executive producer:

Peter Sax, Music Visions GmbH



Written by Peter Sax

Produced by Peter Sax

Recorded at Music Visions Studio

Musicians: Peter Sax (sax, vocals, programming), Thomas Hechenberger (guitar)

Published by Music Visions GmbH



Produced by Peter Sax, Music Visions GmbH



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