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Peter Sax Pool Party





It’s the silent time of the year. Time to think about what really counts in life and what you are grateful for. This year our 2nd son Remi was born. I’m deeply thankful and blessed for my little family. Love is a great inspiration for songwriting … and so it was the beginning of song becoming a declaration of love. What a gift of life! All this overwhelming feelings of pure love are eternalized in this „Song For You“, dedicated to my belovedl wife Katrin and my amazing sons Oskar and Remi.



This song’s for you!

Our love goes on!


Not a day is going by,

Thinking about how much I love you.

Not a day is going by, 

Thinking about how much I need you,

My love is like a river, 

It is like a fountain,   

It’s longing and flowing for you!


I get chills, I get thrills,

Every time when I see you.

A little laugh, a little smile,

Remembering that I need you.

Years are going by,

Our love will never die.

Together we’re flying so high!


This song’s for you,

You’ll feel it too,

Our love goes on,

And on, and on, and on!


You’re my love, you’re my life,

You light my heart on fire,

Love is joy, love is pain,

Is it a need or a desire?

No matter what hard times, 

We’ve been going through,

My love is just growing for you.


Summers come and summers go, 

Time seems to be like flying! 

No replay and no rewind,

The moment’s now just keep enjoying.

Choose love and you will see,

The gate to eternity,

Together forever, one love!


This song’s for you,

You’ll feel it too,

Our love goes on,

And on, and on, and on!






Written by Peter Sax

Recorded at Music Visions GmbH

Produced by Peter Sax 

Published by Music Visions GmbH 

Released by Music Visions Austria

Performer: Peter Sax (vocals, sax,  programming), Thomas Hechenberger (guitars)



Design by Peter Sax & Katrin Schwingenschlögl (Music Visions GmbH)





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