SUN DANCE - Single

Single Release: 08.07.2016

Peter Sax Pool Party




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Ibizaaaa! Yes, the Spanish Balearic island, where parties never end!

Sun Dance, the brandnew summer single by Peter Sax, came to birth while he was planning a trip to Ibiza for some musical inspiration and having a good time. When he was thinking of it, musical ideas and melodies already started flowing in his mind and resulted in a very hooky sax melody.


While being on Ibiza and getting infected by the lifstyle of this island, the song was finished by adding the touch of the experienced impressions and amazing moments. To catch this vibe visually, the shooting of the music video was also done right at this place: Starting from the first light until the sun goes down and nightlife takes over. Join the journey throughout a day on an island full of life, culture, parties and inspiring places.


Sun Dance combines hooky melodies and easy lyrics to make everyone chant together while partying throughout this summer!





Verse 1
A town full of troubles are we leaving behind
To open our hearts and to shut down our minds.
The heat of the sun and, crash of the waves
Speak to our souls – and you know what they say:

A good good time,
Let’s have a good good time,
Let’s good time!

Sax Part (Sing: Oh-Eh-Oh-Eh-Oh)
Hey-e-e-e-ey, perfect da-a-a-a-y.
Singin’ he-e-e-e-ey, perfect da-a-a-a-ay!

Verse 2
As long as we stay we are one with the beach,
Utopia found, nothing out of our reach.
We blow with the breeze and, land where we may,
It feels like we're lightyears away!

Verse 3
When evening descends, and the night comes to life,
The beat is as hot, as the stars in the sky.
The party's inviting our bodies to dance,
Under the lights – as the revelers chant!










Executive producer: Music Visions GmbH

A&R and Licensing: Jean Sebastien Permal (



Written by Peter Sax, Bernhard Wittgruber, Kriss Raize, Charlie Mason

Recorded at Music Visions GmbH

Produced by Kriss Raize

Published by Music Visions GmbH, We Are Creative Edition, Sounds of Wolken Edition

Mastered by Vintage Audio Mastering



Ibiza Chillhouse Edit by Peter Sax

Dubstep Remix by Nick7ven



Pic by Maximilian Pausch (Infinity Network), graphic design by Music Visions GmbH



Maximilian Pausch (Infinity Network) in cooperation with Music Visions GmbH

Shooted on Ibiza, Spain.


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